PATTERNED CONCRETE® is a Registered Trademark of Patterned Concrete Industries, Ltd. in both Canada and the United States. U.S. Trademark for PATTERNED CONCRETE® was registered in 1974 and the Canadian Trademark for PATTERNED CONCRETE® was registered in 1981.

Over the past thirty years Patterned Concrete Industries, Ltd. has established an excellent reputation in both Canada and the United States in association with pouring, laying and forming concrete. The Trademark PATTERNED CONCRETE® has become well-known providing high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and timely concrete for its customers.

One of the downsides to having established such a positive reputation is imitators. Because of the success and reputation of the PATTERNED CONCRETE® Trademarks, competitors have been using the Trademark PATTERNED CONCRETE® to advertise their services and to divert business to themselves. Do not be fooled. Legitimate contractors of PATTERNED CONCRETE® goods and services can be found at We suggest reviewing this list of authorized contractors before retaining the services of a contractor claiming to provide PATTERNED CONCRETE® services.

Patterned Concrete Industries, Ltd. has been vigilant in enforcing its Trademark PATTERNED CONCRETE® by requesting competitors to immediately stop using the PATTERNED CONCRETE® Trademark, or marks confusingly similar therewith. Many contractors have apologized and merely stopped their use. However, if competitors do not comply, Patterned Concrete Industries, Ltd. has successfully enforced its Trademark PATTERNED CONCRETE® in the Federal Court of Canada to prevent use by competitors, and granting costs and damages to Patterned Concrete Industries, Ltd.

Patterned Concrete Industries, Ltd. has also successfully worked with search engines and web hosts to have uses of the Trademark PATTERNED CONCRETE® removed from competitors’ sites and listings.

Patterned Concrete Industries, Ltd. continues its diligence by searching websites such as Kijiji, EBay, Yahoo, Bing, Homestars, Yellow Pages, Houzz & Google’s Organic, Google AD Words, Google Images and Facebook for potential infringers.

If you notice a company using PATTERNED CONCRETE® other than our authorized contractors, please advise via email at so that the appropriate action can be taken.

Remember, only authorized dealers are permitted to perform PATTERNED CONCRETE® services.

For a list of infringing contractors,