Use Coloured Borders to Add a Special Flair to Your PATTERNED CONCRETE®

If you’re considering using pattern concrete for your driveway or walkway, you can make it pop by adding coloured borders to the design. This is an attractive finish that makes driveways, patios and walkways look neat and tidy while at the same time enhancing their beauty.

Make a distinctive first impression by using pattern concrete to lead visitors from the driveway up the walkway to your home. Choose a customized design that brings out the best architectural features of your home and then add a border of a different colour around the edges. This will transform the areas into works of art and you’re sure to get a lot of comments from your neighbours and guests about your new driveway.

If the concrete is going to be working its way around something specific, such as a backyard barbecue on the patio, make sure that you add the border as a trim around the barbecue. This will add a great look to the patio and it will appear as though it was professionally designed.

The border can be used in the same pattern as the rest of the driveway, walkway etc. or you can choose a completely different pattern for the trim. A different colour is recommended, however, in order to best highlight the area in either a subtle or a dramatic way.

When it comes time to choose the colours, patterns and borders for the areas we’ll come to you and show you your options. We can make helpful recommendations as well and show you pictures of work we have already done to see if anything stands out to you. You won’t be alone in the process since we have years of experience in both the installation of the concrete and the design efforts that go into the project.

If you have any questions about the limitless design possibilities please visit our website at and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to call 1-800-252-4619. Our PATTERNED CONCRETE® experts will be happy to answer any of your questions and we are always available for a free consultation.