What Is the Life Expectancy of PATTERNED CONCRETE® ?

Concrete is a popular material used for driveways, pathways, basements, pool areas and patios. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is extremely durable. It’s more affordable than an interlocking driveway made with cobblestones or bricks and it can be stamped and coloured to provide a stunning appearance.

Life Expectancy

The average concrete driveway will last anywhere from 25 up to 50 years or longer. The life expectancy of your concrete will depend on how you maintain it in the years to come and how well it is installed. At PATTERNED CONCRETE® we understand that the installation is key in terms of the number of years you can expect your driveway or other area to remain functional. We make sure that the concrete is installed properly the first time so that you can get years of use from it.


Although concrete is a very low- maintenance type of driveway, you will need to give it some tender loving care while you own it. Always keep the area clean by sweeping it with a brush and a hose when necessary. It should also remain sealed to give it an added layer of protection.

Since we have cold temperatures and road salt to deal with during the winter, it’s a good idea to seal your driveway sometime in the fall. This will give it the protection it needs to get through the winter without any damage.


The installation process includes removing any type of vegetation in the area and making sure that the soil foundation is level and stable. The base is then prepared using gravel and wood forms before the concrete is poured. Once this is done it is finished and reinforced. The concrete then begins to cure, which is a chemical process that makes the concrete hard and strong. Depending on the weather conditions at the time of the installation, we’ll let you know when it’s safe to drive your vehicle onto the concrete.

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