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Stamped Concrete
These patterns shown are widely available. Specifiers are not limited to the patterns shown here. New custom patterns can be created at a reasonable cost. NOTE: Drawings are not in scale to each other.

6x 6Cobblestone
In a stacked bond formation, these square stones have a granite texture. (Medium texture with 3/8wide x 1/4deep joints)

This weathered authentic look comes complete with nail holes. (Light to medium texture with 1/4joints.)

12x 12Slate
A stacked bond formation in a 12x 12grid. (Medium texture with 1/4joints.)

Varying sizes of stones from 12x 6to 30x 30 No two applications are the same. (Light texture and 1/4joints.)

This square stone duplicates the actual sawed Keystone of the Florida Keys. Looks fabulous around pools. (Light to medium texture with 3/8wide x 1/4deep joints.)

Molded from large pitted rocks found in fields across the Midwest. (Heavy texture with 1/2- 3/4wide x 1/4deep joints.)

12x 12Adoquin
As mined in Mexico, our 12x 12pattern authenticates the volcanic look, coarse with ridges, chisel marks and craters. (Medium to heavy texture with 1/4joints.)

Ashlar Slate
Random pattern of slate rectangles. (Medium texture with 1/4joints.)

Old English Brick Running Bond
Like old town red brick streets of America, this pattern complete with worn out identification stamps in the brick. (Heavy texture with 3/8- 1/2wide x 1/4deep joints.)

Old English Brick Herringbone
This pattern demonstrates the look of rustic, worn bricks in a herringbone design. (Heavy textured with 1/2- 5/8wide x 1/4deep joints.)

Running Bond Cobble
A pattern composed of block-type stones with rounded edges modified to accommodate pedestrian traffic in the U.S.A. (Medium texture with 1/2wide x 1/4deep joints.)

Stamped Concrete by Patterned Concrete

8x 8Running Bond Slate
These square, textured stones are arranged in a running bond formation. (Medium texture with 1/4joints.)

Old World Belgium Block
An authentic looking pattern of actual cobblestone streets in Europe with a texture of fractured granite. (Heavy texture with 1/2wide x 1/4joints.)

4x 8Split Paver Running Bond
These 4x 8bricks have the look and feel of split pavers arranged in a running bond formation. Also avaliable in Stacked Bond, Basketweave & Chase formations. (Light texture with 1/4- 3/8wide x 1/4deep joints.)

Osage Fieldstone
This random rock pattern has a very rough texture with large stones. (Heavy texture with 1/2- 3/4wide x 3/8deep joints.)

4x 4Granite Setts
These 4square stones have a granite-texture and are in a stacked bond formation. (Light texture 1/4wide x 3/16deep joints.)

Patio Stone
This pattern is very similar to the Fieldstone pattern but has a light sandstone texture. (Light texture with 1/2- 3/4wide x 3/16deep joints.)

Sidewalk Slate
Right off the sidewalks of New Orleans. Large rectangular stones varying in size. (Heavy texture with 1/4joints)

European Cobblestone
3x 6up to 4-1/2x 7cobblestones in a fan shaped configuration. This granite-textured pattern resembles fish scales when imprinted. (Light textured with 1/4- 1/2 wide x 1/4deep joints.)

18x 18Slate
These square slate textured stones are available in two different textures; ripple or ledge. (Light textured with 1/4joints.) *Border Mats are available in this pattern for accenting.

Stamped Concrete by Patterned Concrete