We believe that nature’s beauty should be celebrated and made available to everyone, in all it’s forms, colours, and patterns.

The passion behind the product

We honestly believe that natural stone should not only be celebrated in the palaces and piazzas of this world, but in the homes of those who appreciate the full glowing spectrum of its beauty: the colours, forms, textures, shapes and patterns.

Our name, our legacy, your assurance

Patterned Concrete® leads the industry to such a degree that other companies have come to use our name to describe their “patterned concrete” products. While we accept this as the Originator’s legacy and take it as a compliment, we are far more interested in the innovations that keep our products unique.

Founded in 1972, Patterned Concrete® is the original stamped concrete company. With the distinct advantage of 45 years research and development, we can confidently promise service and products second to none.

The dedication to craftsmanship

We leave no stone unturned in capturing nature’s beauty and reproducing it to perfection. Our proprietary tools and processes allow us to create surfaces that are the closest thing to natural stone… so natural, you won’t notice the difference.

Mission Statement

Patterned Concrete® believes that quality control, customer service and employee dedication are key factors when striving to achieve the highest standards in architectural concrete finishes. It is our dedication to ensure that these guidelines are met on a day-to-day basis to guarantee complete customer satisfaction before, during, and after production. This begins with our employees ensuring that every installation is fully engineered and all design capabilities are exhausted to accomplish any specific outcome desired. Our company mission is to produce a quality end product that are second to none, and our goal is to provide architectural concrete that works hard for you, guaranteeing durability and quality craftsmanship you can count on.