Why Patterned Concrete®

Why Choose Patterned Concrete®?

Benefits of Concrete

Concrete can be engineered to withstand point loading.
Concrete can be poured in large panels and then saw cut to control expansion and contraction.
Large panels of concrete withstand point load and allow for surface rain runoff which keeps sub grade dry and reduces possible frost heave.
Concrere surfaces are very easy to wash and keep clean.


Unit Pavers:

Sub-grade becomes saturated and soft as water permeates through unit pavers.
During winter, moist ground freezes and creates heaving.
Gaps between bricks tend to get larger in turn allowing more water into subgrade and this re-starts the cycle.

A Long-Term Patterned Concrete® Installation

1. Sealer: For protection against spills.
2. Colour Hardener: For added ware abrasion and durability. (8000P.S.I. – 10000 P.S.I.)
3. Steel Reinforcement: 10mm rebar at engineered spacing in both directions. (14” c/c)
4. Concrete: Can be poured at any thickness to insure proper weight distribution.
5. Concrete: Is cut into panels to relieve stress & allow cracking to occur within a clean cut line.
6. Granular Stone: 3/4” Crusher Run Material for proper compaction and drainage.
7. Professionally designed and installed: by an experienced licensed contractor.


Positive points for use of concrete

Cost Effective
Beauty and Design Capabilities
Low Maintenance
Structural Integrity & Longevity
Patterned Concrete® will Increase Re-sale Value of Property


Patterned Concrete® construction gives, permanence & lasting beauty
Adds the perfect accent to residential or commercial settings
Wide range of colours and patterns
Excellent Quality yet Affordable Cost
Practically Maintenance Free
Professionally trained licensees to ensure quality throughout Ontario


Creates Lasting Impressions
Increases the value of your property
Withstands the harsh Canadian weather conditions
Jointless to eliminate weeds & plant growth
Cut into large panels to eliminate cracks & settlements
Harmonizes well within any environment