7 Ways To Add Privacy To Your Patio
Or Yard

After a hard day at work, you may want some “alone time.” It’s great to be able to enjoy your patio and yard without the prying eyes of neighbors!

There are a lot of great ways to give yourself some privacy. And you don’t have to wall yourself in to do it!.

Whether you want to enclose your patio or your whole yard, there are many options. You can even choose to focus on one side or to block the view all the way around. In any case, you’ll be able to enjoy your space alone or with your family and friends without worrying about others staring at you. It doesn’t mean you’re antisocial, but all of us need some “alone time!”

Privacy Fences

When you want to enclose your yard, a privacy fence is a great option. Most measure 6 to 8 feet high and cut off the view almost entirely. Many have vertical or horizontal slats that are fitted closely together, but you can also include brick, stone, or other types of wall in this category.


These fences are great for marking off property limits, too. But they do it with style!

If you have pet dogs that you want to have the run of the yard, these will help keep them contained. You’ll have to be sure they can’t dig under them or jump over, though.

Lattice Fences

Latticework is another great option, although it works better for enclosing a small area like your patio. It’s a lightweight option that still has openings. But they’re small enough that not much can be seen through them unless a curious passerby is up close and making an effort.


Either by itself or with climbing plants growing on it, latticework will look great in your yard. You can leave it with its raw wood look or paint it whatever color you like – even stripes!.

It often comes in 4-foot by 8-foot sections. You’ll need to construct a frame for it and tack the lattice onto it – it’s that simple. It’s easy to adapt it to the size you want. It looks great whether you use it all the way around the patio or only on one side!

Living Wall

Another great alternative for creating privacy with style is a “living wall.” Adding plants to a wall can literally “bring it to life.” You can do this with any type of wall. Attach hooks to hang flower beds from it. If you prefer potted plants, you can add shelves instead!

Bushy plants are great to cover the space between slats in the wall. Hanging plants are another great choice. They’ll look great as they pour over and fill in the space below them. 

You’re not only increasing your privacy, but also adding to your gardening space at the same time!


If you want to avoid construction altogether, you could grow a privacy fence! A fence of living bamboo is a fantastic idea. It grows tall and in thick clumps, providing a good screen for any area. And it doesn’t take long to reach a suitable size.

Bamboo can grow in a wide variety of climates. Some types can tolerate temperatures as cold as -26° C (-15° F). In fact, one of your biggest issues could be keeping it from propagating too fast!

You may have to trim it to keep it from becoming too tall. You’ll also want to make sure it doesn’t spread beyond where you want it. Bamboo spreads through sending out its root system to start new plants. The roots don’t cause issues with your patio or driveway. However, new plants will sprout wherever they’re given the opportunity.

Trees And Bushes

If you want to go natural but bamboo isn’t your thing, you might want a row of trees or bushes instead. Trees are more suited for the edge of your yard. Bushes, though, work well around the yard, patio, or pool, too. Of course, you always have to take into account how big they may grow!


Both bushes and trees can provide a lot of privacy, shade, and beauty. While you’ll have to trim them and they may call for a lot of cleanups in the fall, you’ll still love what they offer. 

Be sure to choose your trees carefully, though. It’s best to consult with an arborist so you can choose a species that won’t send out roots that are dangerous to your patio, foundation, or swimming pool. You also want to avoid ones that drop fruit that could stain your surfaces.


When you want something that works great around a patio but also lets light and air through, curtains do the trick. They can help create a relaxed atmosphere while not being as overbearing as a more solid structure.


Patio curtains don’t completely block the view, but they do limit how much can be seen. They help filter the sunlight so you can relax. They look fantastic in the gentle breeze, and if bad weather is rolling in, it’s easy to take them down and store them.

Curtains need to be washed, of course, since they accumulate dust quickly. But when cared for, they can hold up for years and provide the beauty and privacy you like on your patio.

Movable Screen

Another option for removable privacy barriers is a wooden screen. Like the dressing screens that were popular years ago for bedrooms, a movable screen can provide privacy, at leat from one angle.

You can easily move a screen to a preferred part of your patio. If you want to sit and watch the pool, you can place it behind you to shade you from the sun. Later on, you can move it to another side based on the sunlight or activity outside your patio oasis. Simply slide the screen to a better position.

This option generally provides limited privacy from one or two sides. Often, that’s enough. They are generally lightweight. You can even find some on wheels to make it easier to move them.


When you crave a bit of privacy for your yard or patio, you have a lot of options. Whether you want a solid wall, plants, or sheer curtains, you can have something beautiful that helps sculpt the space that you want. They’re all great ways to add to your enjoyment of your backyard!!

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