Essential Tools For Caring For Your Yard

Essential Tools For Caring For Your Yard
list of essential lawn care tools

Your backyard offers so many wonderful opportunities for relaxation. Whether it’s for a party, a cookout, or peaceful time alone, you can derive so much enjoyment from it. At the same time, you know it takes a bit of effort to keep it in prime shape. So if you’re going to do it yourself, you’ll need the right tools. What should you invest in to be able to keep your yard in great shape?

Of course, the answer depends on a lot of things. The size of the yard, gardens, and hardscaping, and other factors are all part of it. Still, there are some basics that most homeowners will need.

Let’s have a look at the most important tools to keep your yard in prime shape.

Taking Care Of The Lawn

Most backyards have at least some areas that are simply covered with grass. That grass has its own lifecycle throughout the seasons. To keep it vibrant, healthy, and looking great, it needs appropriate care throughout the year.

A lawnmower is a primary tool for lawn care. There are many types – from old-fashioned, non-powered push mowers all the way through massive tractor mowers. The type you should choose depends on the size of your yard. But other factors like slope and any obstacles such as trees or rocks have to be taken into account too.

You might want to add a lawn edger and a trimmer to create clean, crisp edges along the patio, against the house, and around obstacles like fences or bushes.

Another important tool is a leaf rake. Most yards, even if they don’t have trees, will end up accumulating some leaves in the fall as they blow around the neighborhood. Also, your rake can help to clean up any excess grass clippings.

a good leaf rake comes in handy year round

Of course, you’ll want to be sure your lawn is well-watered, so a garden hose is indispensable. Try to get a hose that’s an appropriate length for your yard – the longer the hose, the more risk of damage which leads to wasting water.

A wheelbarrow can come in handy for moving heavier items, carrying mulch, or even just for transporting tools to different areas of your yard.

An aerator is a great tool to have, too. Even though you may only use it once a year, it will definitely help keep your lawn healthier. It opens up the soil to allow water and chemicals in the air to more easily reach the grass’ roots.

Garden Tools

If you love the taste of homegrown vegetables or the beauty of flowers and other plants, a garden will likely become part of your yard, too. And there are certainly tools that can help make the tasks of gardening easier.

Of course, many of the tools for general lawn care are also important for gardening. But in addition,  you’ll want to have the following.

You’ll use a garden spade to turn over the soil and to dig up larger plants for transplanting. A spade with a squared blade will also you help create crisp edges to your garden bed. A garden fork can also be a big help here. Either of them will also help when applying compost to your plants.

Since different plants require different amounts of water, a watering can is also important to have. They come in many sizes to suit your needs. If you have potted plants or a few plants beyond the reach of your hose, a watering can is a huge help.

use a watering can for potted plants or areas of your yard that you want to give special attention

A trowel will help you dig holes for planting bulbs, uproot seedlings for transplant, and related small-scale digging. They often come in sets with a mini fork, which is great for weeding and breaking up clumps of dirt. A dibbler is a simple pointed piece of wood that can open smaller holes, and is fantastic for when you need to plant seeds or seedling with small root systems.

A knife or pruning shears will help trim away dead or damaged leaves and stems from plants, doing less damage than if you tore them off.

Trees And Bushes

Taking care of bushes and trees is another key aspect of yard care. It requires careful pruning to make sure they maintain their form. Getting rid of dead branches helps keep the rest of the plant healthy. And of course, they could pose a safety risk if not taken care of.

Hedge trimmers will make it easy to create a great appearance. The long blades allow for a consistent appearance. While manual ones work fine, they require a lot of effort. Gas or electric trimmers will make quick work of it!

trowels, secateurs, and work gloves should all be part of your yard care kit

Loppers are like pruning shears but with long handles. They’ll help take care of small branches that may be a bit beyond where you can reach. For bigger pieces, you can make use of a bow saw. Occasionally you might need a chain saw, but we don’t recommend using one unless you know what you’re doing. Even taking down a single branch can cause injury or property damage.

A step ladder will come in handy to reach the tops of some shrubs or to get to tree branches that need pruning. Remember to observe all safety precautions, especially when climbing with tools!

Patio And Walkways

In addition to all the natural elements in your yard, you may also have a patio and/or walkways to provide an area you can enjoy without crushing the grass. These are easy to care for, but there are a couple of tools that can help.

A push broom is the preferred instrument for cleaning off your patio and walkway. It will protect the finish of the surface and make it easy to get rid of weeds, dirt, grass clippings, or whatever else may intrude on the surface.

Sometimes you might also want to use a power washer to help get rid of more stubborn dirt or stains on your stamped concrete or other surface.


Your yard will look great as long as it’s properly cared for. Having the right tools is a big step toward making that happen. Taking care of your lawn and garden can be a joy when you’re properly equipped! There aren’t a lot of tools needed and you, your guests, and your neighbors will appreciate the effort you put into it.