12x12 Adoquin Stone

12×12 Adoquin Stone

Adoquin characterizes the coarse volcanic stone mined in old Mexico. With chisel marks, craters and ridges in the natural composite-look of cobbles, slate, granite and quartzite, Adoquin adds real dramatic appeal to paving, trim, moulding and coping.

Texture: Medium to Heavy     Joints: 1/4” Wide & Deep

Rose Water

pcrt-1000 as c01

the rose water variety of adoquin stone is one great patio pattern


pcrt-1000 as e01


pcrt-1000 as e02

this Florence shade is part of our adoquin series from Patterned Concrete


pcrt-1000 as e03

Copley style of adoquin stone stamped concrete is a unique tone and pattern


pcrt-1000 as d02