6x6 Stacked Bond

6×6 Stacked Bond

Stacked bond paving provides the contemporary look that continues to grow in popularity. It exudes undeniable appeal in a wide range of scenarios including bathrooms, kitchens and commercial spaces.

Texture: Medium     Joints: 3/8” Wide & 1/4” Deep


pcrt-1900 sbs6 e02

these smaller stacked bond patterns are very popular

Monte Carlo

pcrt-1900 sbs6 a04-d02

stacked bond offers a very contemporary pattern in stamped concrete


pcrt-1900 sbs6 b02

brick red is a great color that combines well with the modern look of stacked bond concrete


pcrt-1900 sbs6 d04

medium gray is a great color for the stacked bond pattern in our ardesia series


pcrt-1900 sbs6 d02

this light gray color is a great accent for stamped concrete in this stacked bond look