8x8 Running Bond

8×8 Running Bond

The running bond pattern creates a nice feeling of motion by offsetting the stones. In addition to its ever popular appeal as a paver, it is widely used as a veneer in the construction of walls, indoors and out.

Texture: Medium     Joints: 1/4” Wide & Deep


pcrt-1800 rb8 d02-e03

enjoy the tundra look of this stamped concrete

Velvet Moss

pcrt-1800 rb8 a04-d03

slate grey stamped concrete pattern in running bond


pcrt-1800 rb8 e02


pcrt-1800 rb8 b05

this sedona tone makes a great feature in running bond


pcrt-1800 rb8 b02

this sienna shade of red is one of our great running bond patio, driveway and walkway surfaces