12x12 Slate

12×12 Slate

Inspired by the bistros of Montmartre and the restaurantes of old Madrid, the fine grain of slate makes a stunning choice for indoor rooms — traditional, contemporary or modern — as well as outdoor walkways and paths. Stacked bond formation, 12×12 grid.

Texture: Medium     Joints: 1/4”


pcrt-1480 sts a04-c04

briarwoods shade of 12x12 slate stamped concrete surface

Velvet Moss

pcrt-1480 sts a04-d03

this velvet moss color will add character to your slate stamped concrete


pcrt-1480 sts e02


pcrt-1480 sts b05

Sedona is a darker shade and looks great as a color for 12x12 slate patterns from Patterned Concrete


pcrt-1480 sts b02

sienna makes a great color choice for surfaces like driveways, walkways and patios