4x4 Granite

4×4 Granite

Embracing the spirit of ancient Rome, many streets in Italy are still paved with setts, where they are known as sampietrini or bolognini. Highly regarded today as decorative stone, these 4×4 squares feature true granite texture in stacked bond formation.

Texture: Light     Joints: 1/4” Wide & 3/16” Deep


pcrt 6500 gs e02

sampietrini in Florence color - a traditional 4 x 4 Italian paving design


pcrt 6500 gs a04

sampietrini in the slate color - Italian design for streets and sidewalks


pcrt 6500 gs d04

stamped concrete can make setts - like these bolognini from Italy - shown here in charcoal


pcrt 6500 gs d02

bolognini design inspired in Italian paving stone with a pewter tone


pcrt 6500 gs e05

these 4x4 setts fashioned in stamped concrete are in the shade Walnut