Ashlar Slate

Ashlar Slate

Ashlar is finely dressed masonry, an alternative to brick that has been used in the construction of Cretian palaces and the Inca architecture of Machu Picchu. Our random pattern of Yorkshire rectangles creates the perfect look for driveway or patio.

Texture: Medium     Joints: 1/4” Wide & Deep

Burnt Umber

pcrt-1100 as d02-c02

ashlar slate - burnt umber stamped concrete


pcrt-1100 as a04-c04

ashlar slate - briarwoods stamped concrete


pcrt-1100 as e02

ashlar slate - florence stamped concrete

Velvet Moss

pcrt-1100 as a04-d03

ashlar slate - velvet moss stamped concrete

Otter Brown

pcrt-1100 as e05-e01

otter brown - ashlar slate from patterned concrete