European Cobblestone

European Cobblestone

The irresistible allure of Old World streets is instantly achieved with these naturally worn, flat granite-textured cobblestones in fan shaped fish scale design. Simply perfect for indoor flooring as well as outdoor walkways and paths. 3×6 up to 4½x7 stones.

Texture: Light     Joints: 1/4”-1/2” Wide & 1/4” Deep

Forest Berry

pcrt-6100 ec b05-d04

forest berry provides a great distressed look to a cobblestone drive

Burnt Umber

pcrt-6100 ec d02-c02

burnt umber provides depth when you opt for a cobblestone pattern in stamped concrete

Artic Fox

pcrt-6100 ec d01-e03

the color arctic fox in the cobblestone series is a great part of the Origins Series from Patterned Concrete


pcrt-6100 ec d04

charcoal is one of the popular choices in this european cobblestone series


pcrt-6100 ec e02

one of our most popular colors, florence is great for the cobblestone look