Old World Belgium Block

Old World Belgium Block

Exceptionally attractive for driveways, walkways, edging and borders, Belgium Block is a brick shaped paver with the texture of fractured granite and a distinctive chiselled edge on all sides.

Texture: Heavy     Joints: 1/2” Wide & 1/4” Deep


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this luna shade is out of this world - a great tint to your old world Belgian Block stamped concrete

Park Avenue

pcrt-6200 bb d03

park avenue tones to your stamped concrete in the Old World Belgian Block style adds a touch of class

Mystic Pearl

pcrt-6200 bb c02-d04

Mystic Pearl is a great tone to add your entryway, patio or driveway

English Forest

pcrt-6200 bb a04-d04


pcrt-6200 bb e02

the Florence color when used with the Old World Belgium Block look adds a sense of age and depth