Polished Concrete by Patterned Concrete®

Polished Concrete by Patterned Concrete<sup>®</sup>

Polished Concrete by Patterned Concrete®

polished concrete surfaces make a great option for inside the house. They are durable, low maintenance and sustainable

Concrete which has been proven for years to offer benefits similar to natural stone and has been gaining popularity in interior applications as a clean, ultra-modern elegant look.

Patterned Concrete® with its unique Polish Plus® system offers designers & home owners the choice of polished concrete finishes and more. A few unique benefits of Polish Plus® are, choice of colours and being able to install over existing concrete as thin as a quarter of an inch. The system of polishing concrete is very much the same as polishing a natural piece of Granite or Marble, but important guidelines must be followed to insure not only a beautiful shine is achieved, but hardness as well. There are many stages of polished concrete that range from a deep grind aggregate appearance to a high polish salt and pepper look.

Polished concrete by Patterned Concrete® has a natural beauty that shines through once the proper treatment and process is applied. The surface shine of the floor reflects the light in a way that instantly brightens any room, making it look warm and appealing but yet with a translucent flooring effect.

Benefits of the Polish Plus® system by Patterned Concrete®

Low Maintenance

By their nature, polished concrete floors are not porous, meaning that common allergens like dust, mould, and mildew won’t get trapped inside. This removes the need for toxic cleaning treatments, increasing the enjoyment you get out of your floor without any hassle. This type of flooring is also much easier to clean, and doesn’t require expensive cleaning solutions in order to maintain its natural beauty. In fact, most flooring experts recommend a mild solution of warm water and neutral soap, rather than harsh, expensive cleaning materials, to preserve the beautiful finish and to keep the floors clean.


Concrete floors are not prone to ongoing maintenance costs either, as they are exceptionally durable. Unlike carpet, tiles, or hardwood, there is no need to worry about chipping, wear and tear, or other types of damage. Before any polishing procedures are performed a liquid densifier, hardening agent is applied to the concrete which not only allows for the best polishing procedures, but also seals the concrete and protects it from staining.


Most homes and offices are built on an existing slab of concrete, which is then covered by other types of flooring, such as hardwood, tiles, or carpet. Polish Plus® flooring takes advantage of the existing materials already present in the home or office, making it an attractive flooring solution for those who prioritize sustainable and green living. Cleaners, coatings, and other hazardous materials are not required for long lasting concrete flooring, which gives you the comfort of knowing it is a green option. With the use of hydronic heating in new construction today, polished concrete allows the warmth of the concrete to be truly enjoyed without covering the concrete with wood or tile.


Polish Plus® by Patterned Concrete® exposes the natural beauty of the floor, giving it a unique appearance while still suiting any type of decor. Polish Plus® can be installed in many standard and custom colours and can be installed to a brilliant polish or a simple matte finish. The translucent effect created by Polish Plus® is difficult to achieve with other flooring systems when a custom desired look is required.

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