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You have made the investment so why not care for it?

We recommend your investment be protected and cared for to provide for the longevity of its beauty!

Our team of professional service staff will perform a thorough wash of your concrete surface, detail any areas requiring attention, and re-seal the surface to provide full protection from the elements of Mother Nature and high traffic.

Oil stains, crack repairs, parging, step faces, snow plow damage, and other incidental repairs will be quoted on site on a time and material basis prior to washing and sealing.

Winter Care

Winter is the most critical time of the year where your concrete will take the most abuse – here are some helpful tips to keep your concrete looking like new.

Be sure NOT to use de-icers that contain magnesium chloride, nitrates, urea or sugar beets. Many products claim they are safe for concrete but then have disclaimers against concrete less than one year old then go further and claim that all de-icers will damage concrete.

If you have a shiny acrylic finish on your concrete – don’t use any calcium products as they will only make your concrete slippery. You can check this out by simply rubbing some calcium between your fingers for a short period of time and watch the greasy film begin to form.

Use de-icers only when needed – If snow is removed off concrete there is no reason to apply any deicer at all. It is very important to remove all snow as well – leaving snow on your driveway and driving on it all winter will just create more freeze thaw cycles and will not allow your concrete to dry up. Be sure to remove snow away from the concrete so it does not melt and run off on to the concrete on warm days. This will freeze up at night and create areas which will require de-icers. It is a good idea to keep some brick sand on hand so it can be sprinkled on to wet areas to help absorb the moisture and aid in traction if needed. ( brick sand can be purchased at most building supplies or call our office if you require some.)

As you would wash your car on a warm winter day – it is recommended to wash down your concrete as well. This will wash away or dilute salts and de-icers that have been tracked in from daily driving. Municipalities have entered into a salt management program which basically means they are using different products to keep roads clean. These products have been found to have Magnesium, Calcium and sugar beets which are very destructive and should be washed off if possible. To find out look up SALT MANAGEMENT on the web for your area and request information from your municipality – YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW

SprayAway RDF

So now you’re asking what can be used if NOTHING can be used? Patterned Concrete® has sourced out a product that does not contain salt, magnesium, urea or anything harmful and is safe for concrete less than one year old. It is environmentally friendly and is very easy to apply – it will not leave any residue or get tracked into the house because it is a liquid. The instructions should be followed because this product will aid in the snow and ice removal so your driveway/walkways can be kept clean dry and safe. This product can be purchased from Central Construction Products.

No mess, no tracking, no clean up. Stop damaging your property! Use environmentally friendly solution.
Sprayaway RDF ice melter is approved for use on airport runways. It is safest and economic solution for architectural concrete, natural stone and paving stone.

Fast Acting Non-Toxic Liquid:
No Alcohol
No Salt-No Brine
No Chlorides and
No Magnesium!

Non corrosion
High performance
Safe for concrete
Dual purpose
Safe to use
Easy to handle
Lasts longer

1 gallon effectively covers up to 1500 sq. ft.

Long lasting action saves on labour and down time. Sprayaway prevents ice and snow build-up so it is easier to shovel. Environmentally friendly ice and snow melt chemicals with special inhibitors designed to quickly melt ice or snow on contact.

Please email, or CALL 416-736-0981 and ask about our Sprayaway de-icing fluid.

Winter Care FAQ

What is Sprayaway RDF?

Sprayaway RDF is an environmentally friendly, high performance, potassium acetate based liquid de-icer. It is an effective anti de-icer that prevents ice and snow from bonding to surfaces, and makes the removal of snow and ice easier after accumulation.

When should I use Sprayaway RDF?

Sprayaway RDF is more effective when used as a pre-treatment application prior to the start of an icing event. Sprayaway RDF when used as an anti-icing application should be spread at a rate of 0.5 gallons per 1000 sq ft.

Sprayaway RDF is most effective de-icer when allowed to penetrate to the pavement surface to break the bond of ice and snow. While the amount of fluid required depends on outside temperature as well as the thickness of the ice film, an application of 1.0 gallon per 1000 sq ft. for thin ice and 3.0 gallons per 1000 sq ft. for ice up to an inch thick.

How long does an application of Sprayaway RDF last?

The performance of Sprayaway RDF is affected by conditions such as air and surface temperatures, the amount of precipitation, precipitation type, and the amount of de-icer used in the pre-treatment application. Sprayaway RDF dilution from melt decreases the solutions freeze point and effects product performance. Re-application is required when dilution occurs. Signs that dilution has occurred would be low friction, patches of snow and ice remaining after snow removal.

How do I apply Sprayaway to my property?

Sprayaway is a liquid de-icer that is applied through a liquid sprayer. The size of the sprayer would depend on the amount of area being covered, walk behind sprayers to handheld units are effective for the distribution of this product.

What is the impact on the environment?

Sprayaway RDF is non toxic and non hazardous to plant and animal life; in the environment, it biodegrades readily and completely to carbon dioxide and water. Sprayaway RDF does not contain nitrates and is not considered a hazardous chemical by the U.S. Department of Transportation.