The Patterned Concrete®


All stamped and decorative concrete is not the same.
Know the facts about concrete and interlocking-style pavers.

Not all stamped concrete is of the same quality, and most concrete and interlocking-style paver installers do not have the in-depth training and expert mentoring of Patterned Concrete® Licensed Professionals. Understand what you’re getting and specify to get what you’re buying. It all starts with concreting experience, but in the end, it finishes with the look you have chosen. Proprietary Patterned Concrete® professional stamping tools, finishes and technologies, and trained, licensed installers set us apart. Patterned Concrete pioneered the industry and continues to lead it. Others can only try to follow. It is what sets us apart.

Patterned Concrete® Products

  • Versatile and cost effective
  • 50 years of research, development and innovation
  • More than 50 unique, proprietary Signature finishes
  • Engineered and cut to control expansion and contraction
  • Extra-large panels withstand heavy loads needed for driveways or parking. They avoid frost heave and allow surface run-off to keep sub-grade dry and stable. Patterned Concrete stamped concrete products can be engineered for use on slab-on-grade as well as structural concrete installations
  • Structural integrity and longevity
  • Superior grade concrete and base materials
  • 3/4 inch granular stone underlay ensures ideal drainage
  • Superior quality rigid stamping tools produce stunningly natural finishes
  • Non-slip and non-skid finishes available
  • Fibreglass rebar construction will not rust, bleed or stain
  • Proprietary non-fading colour process is deep-hardened (8,000-10,000 P.S.I.) to minimize wear, stain-resistant and easy to clean and maintain
  • Patterned Concrete® tracks all installations for precise pattern and colour matching – even decades later
  • LEED opportunities
  • Design and installation are only performed by trained Patterned Concrete® Licensed Professional contractors. Our name is our guarantee of excellence.

Stamped Concrete Substitutes

  • Poor quality means higher maintenance, increased costs
  • Limited stamping tools, designs and finishing options
  • Expansion and contraction can be severe
  • Thinner concrete material cannot withstand heavy load requirements, such as driveways
  • Lack structural integrity and longevity
  • Often use sub-standard concrete and base materials
  • Poor compaction can create drainage issues
  • Soft rubber stamping tools have insufficient detail and produce an artificial look. They are often rolled, shallow and have an inconsistent pattern
  • Shiny, slippery and unsafe
  • Colours and finishes are inconsistent and subject to fading, cracks and scratches
  • Wire mesh or steel rebar construction often rusts, bleeds and stains
  • Unable to match colour, patterns or finishes for repairs or additions
  • Often installed by untrained contractors and lack quality control
bad concrete

Interlocking-style Pavers

  • More expensive than any concrete
  • Architects commonly require a concrete underlay for stability and durability, further increasing costs significantly
  • Usually more time consuming to install
  • Limited design, colour and pattern options
  • Shifts on settling and can leave a bumpy, uneven surface
  • Water permeates through unit pavers, causing shifting and frost upheaval
  • Weeds can grow between joints
  • Requires frequent, costly re-levelling maintenance
  • Easily cracks and breaks requiring frequent replacement
  • Dye lots vary, causing inconsistent finishes and blotchy appearance
  • Difficult to match for any repairs or expansions
  • Products are often discontinued
  • Design and installation contractors do not need to be licensed and may be inexperienced

We lead. Others only follow. There is no substitute for excellence.